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Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Newsun" )is a biotechnology company with the ability of independent design of innovative compound , technology innovation and application of synthetic biology , discovery and evaluation of natural product active compound,Co-Extraction technology research and development, technological research of gene editing and molecular breeding on medicinal materials , microbial pesticide innovation, achievement transformation, industrialization and commercialization.

Since its establishment in 1999, Chengdu Newsun has always taken "Technological lnnovation Drives Sustainable and Green Agriculture" as its mission and "Health Crop Protection" as its technical service philosophy. Over the past two decades,the company has always focused on the innovation of green agricultural biotechnology, and the construction of scientific research system and biotechnology research and development guided by the healthy plant protection for crops throughout the whole process, so as to promote the goals of health soil management prevention and control of diseases.pests and weeds.crop growth and nutritional health. and improvement of agricultural product quality and yield. And continue to use biotechnology as the engine to provide the intearated technology of whole process green prevention and control "From Soil to Table" for green & organic agriculture and "Zero Chemical Residues"agricultural products.It will continue to play an important role in high-quality green agricultural development. quality of cultivated land improvement and pressure reduce on the agricultural ecological environment.


Chengdu Newsun is a national high-tech enterprise, the first batch of state-level technologically advanced "Litle Giant" Enterprisesawarded by the Ministry of lndustry And information Technoloay. and the provincial technologically advanced "Little Giant“"Enterprise of Sichuan.With more than 20 years of scientific research efforts, using natural product co-extraction technology, microbial engineering technology, synthetic biology and gene editing technology, the company has successively developed the world's first application level plant signal molecule regulation product - Coronatine (COR), endogenous requlation technology of natural products in crops-14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid,and the global new biostimulatory product- pollen polysaccharide, and many other world leading biotechnoogy, developing many bio-products with the function of improving the stress resistance of crops to low temperature, droughtand high temperature. also developed hundreds of natural product-based bactericides, pesticides. acaricides and potential biological herbicides such as CE-Veratrum,CE-Allicin, CE-Berberine,CE-Osthol, CE-Carvacrol, CE-Matrine and CE-Pyrethrin Extract, as well as soil conditioner technologies and products that will restore the sol acidification, salinization restoration, soil structure aggregation and heavy metal pollution to improe the arable land quality and promote the sustainable development of agricultural environment. All the products have been registered and applied in China and other over 20 countries around the world. Using the technologies of syn-thetic biology and microbial engineering to transform the traditional pesticides helps alleviate the dependence of crops on chemical pesticides and reduces the impact of biological stress on agricultural production,playing an important role in the maintenance of biodiversity of agricultural ecological environment and sustainable green development of agriculture. In recent years, the technologies Chengdu Newsun developed have won tens of scientific and technological awards at national, ministerial, and provincial level. including the Science and Technology Advanced Technology Awards,Shen Nong China Agricultural Science and Technology has applied more than 160 patents and over 119 patents have been awarded in and outside China.

Connecting science and nature to create a sustainable agricultural future, the innovation and application of Chengdu Newsun biotechnology has always been crop-oriented,with "Health Crop Protection” as the technical philosophy.focusing on the improvement of agricultural ecological environment, quality and safety of agricultural products and enhancement of agricultural industry value. Chengdu Newsun is committed to become the world's most competitive biopesticide technological enterprise.

In the future, Chengdu Newsun will always focus on agricultural biotechnology innovation, based in China and serving the world, to build a beautiful picture of symbiosis and sharing between human and nature with a scientific attitude of respecting nature and green innovation.

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